Size Grid


Size Grid Guidance

The Size Grid below and comments in the item’s description page is to help you choose what size letter you are (S,M,L ...) or number for jeans/dresses etc. (5,7,9...) if you are unsure of your size this will help guide you to select the right size to fit your proportions range. Also keep in mind that if the item contains no spandex you should look at the lower number on the inches range below (Exp: 1X Waist 37-40 lower number being 37) to consider if the item will fit well and the reverse if the item contains spandex.


Please note that garments which include spandex in the material will give you wiggle room from 3 to 7 inches depending on the percentage of its content. So depending upon the garment, the fabric and how you like to wear it must be taken into consideration when selecting your size for that particular item you want to purchase so that you get that perfect fit you’re looking for.

If still unsure you can always contact us with item number and size you want confirmed.